Cedric Jolivet for Armani Code


Makeup artist Cedric Jolivet works with the gorgeous Larissa Hofmann for this luxurious spot for Armani Code fragrance starring actor Chris Pine.

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Charlotte Day for Clarks SS14



Makeup artist Charlotte Day collaborates with photographer Coliena Rentmeester for the Spring/Summer 2014 Clarks campaign.

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See Management Now Representing Hairstylist Jerome Cultrera



See Management is proud to announce the signing of hair stylist Jerome Cultrera. Hailing from Paris, this classically trained artist has already collaborated with Christian Dior and Vogue Paris and is sure to make quite a splash in New York. Have a look at his beautiful work and learn more about this exciting new presence here.

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“Have A Nice Day” From Kuni



Hair stylist and conceptual headpiece artist Kuni wows in his native Tokyo with this dark and whimsical installation for ‘bleeding-edge’ boutique Fake Tokyo. The installation featured hundreds of disembodied black gloves hanging from the ceiling or wrapping ominously around the heads of store mannequins as pictured above. This dark vision is just another one-of-a-kind creation from budding master Kuni.

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Jason Kim for Harper’s Bazaar Germany


Jason Kim captures Katrin Thormann in a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana crown for May’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar Germany.

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5 Minutes With Jemima Kirk



Frances: Who is Jemima Kirke?!

Jemima: That girl from GIRLS.  The free spirited one with the long hair.

Frances: How did you get to be where you are?

Jemima: A series of bad choices that turned out ok.

Frances: If you could go back in time and give your 16 year old self some advice what would it be?

Jemima: You’re so much cooler than the person you’re trying so hard to be.”

- http://5minuteswithfranny.com/

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Cedric Jolivet for Love Magazine



Makeup artist Cedric Jolivet teams up with photographer Drew Jarrett for this dreamy, dark story for Love Magazine.

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Effortless beauty on Holly Rose for SPUR magazine’s May issue


Rie Omoto and Olivier Lebrun team up to create this ethereal cover shot for SPUR magazine shot by Amanda Pratt.

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Ryan Bair for Fendi


Videographer Ryan Bair was tapped by Fendi to document painter Hiroshi Senju as he works on creating a one of a kind baguette for the venerable fashion house.  What a fascinating and mesmerizing window into the marriage of fashion and art.

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Photographer Ben Lamberty’s White Light for V Man, grooming by John Ruidant



Fresh on the scene in 2014, photographer Ben Lamberty scores big with this fresh and bold story for V Man titled White Light, featuring bold new shapes in white for spring.  With grooming by John Ruidant and starring Bastien Thiery, this story is surely just the beginning of great things for the very talented Ben.

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